This Linux and Git training can be an important step in your web development career



TLDR: The Mastering Linux and Git Certification Bundle provides an overview of the open source operating system, even if you’ve never touched a line of Linux code before.

Everyone knows Windows and MacOS. But not everyone is serious about computer science. While these operating systems can run any home PC you see, the world’s most powerful computers run on the operating system that real experts swear by: Linux.

In fact, in an audit of the 500 fastest supercomputers in the world, each of the most booted and best-equipped computers running today run on linux operating system. You can learn all it takes to manage the open source operating system that powers the web with the training available in The Mastering Linux and Git Certification Pack ($ 19, over 90% off, from TNW Deals).

This collection of eight courses and over 34 hours of training not only teaches users everything they need to know to use and build on Linux, but also a warm introduction to using Git, the software tracking system that keeps projects in order and on pace. even within an entire team.

First of all, Mastering the Linux Command Line begins Linux tutelage, covering the basics of working with Linux on the basics before moving on to more advanced skills.

After you have mastered common Linux tasks such as using file attributes and permissions, using “cron” to schedule tasks, and creating your own AWS Linux EC2 instance to practice, more courses move on. to the next step. Mastering Bash Shell scripts allows users to learn to write scripts to automate repeated tasks to save a lot of coding time. And Mastering Secure Shell (SSH) takes students inside what port forwarding and tunneling are all about.

Then users also get a full exploration of Git, starting with Git Essentials for beginners. With this training, students master the use of Git for their personal projects, tracking changes and versions of code. So even if there is a problem later, users can go back and fix the problem.

Git: find, rewrite history, and reset as good as Git: branching and merging take this vital utility one step further, exploring everything from using git repositories to merging branches, creating caches and more.

Each Linux and Git Certification Bundle Mastering Course is worth $ 200, but at the moment the entire collection is available for much less at only $ 19, less than $ 3 per class.

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