Linux Foundation says companies are desperate for open source talent



Enlarge / It probably shouldn’t be considered “surprising” when a Linux certification body reports that Linux certifications are highly desirable.

The Linux Foundation released its Open Source Jobs 2021 report this month, which aims to educate both sides of the IT hiring process on current trends. The report accurately foreshadows many of its findings in the first paragraph, claiming that “the talent gap that existed before the pandemic has worsened due to an acceleration in native adoption of the cloud while working remotely. has become widespread â€. In other words: Kubernetes and AWS job search experts are in luck.

The Foundation surveyed around 200 hiring managers and 750 open source professionals to find out which skills (and HR-friendly CV points) are in most demand. According to the report, college degree requirements are on the decline, but IT certification requirements and / or preferences are on the rise and for the first time, ‘cloud-native’ skills (such as Kubernetes management) are more in demand than traditional skills. Linux skills.

The shift in hiring priority from traditional Linux to “cloud-native” skill sets means that it becomes increasingly possible to live and breathe containers without necessarily understanding what they contain, but you can’t. not have Kubernetes, Docker or similar computer stacks without an operating system below them. In theory, all The traditional operating system could become the basis of a cloud native stack, but in practice Linux is largely what clouds are made of.

Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, said, “It is evident that cloud native computing, DevOps, Linux and security offer the most promising opportunities.” DevOps itself (the mixture of systems administration and software development in a merged role) has become the norm rather than the exception. The survey found that 88% of all open source professionals now use DevOps principles, up from 44% just three years ago.

While the information in the Open Source Jobs Report is intriguing, it’s worth remembering that the Linux Foundation is not a disinterested party – the emphasis on open source skills and certifications it highlights does not. aren’t really unexpected discoveries from an organization that is dedicated to open source itself and offers multiple professional certifications.

The full report is available from the Linux Foundation and can be downloaded for free with no registration required.



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