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BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – For many U.S. workers, battling inflation feels like trying to use a treadmill to reach a goal.

Statistics indicate this that 37.2 million Americans were living in poverty in the year the pandemic broke out. since 2020, these numbers continue to tell the story of a developed country inhabited by many citizens who do not earn enough money to meet their basic needs.

In response to the effects of inflation, many workers are cutting budgets and finding ways to make more money.

Hoping to boost their bank accounts, some take free online courses that end in obtaining a certification that can be used in a business venture.

For example in Louisiana, some of the most lucrative paid careers of 2022 include web development, videography and massage therapy.

Individuals pursuing these areas may be able to improve their skills by taking one of the following free online courses:

certification: Inbound Marketing Certification

Offered by: Hubspot Academy.

How it can help: This course refines marketing skills related to content strategy, social media promotion, and conversion optimization strategy. An entrepreneur looking for the best way to publicize his business may be able to draw on the knowledge gained in this course.

Course name: Certification in Supervision Skills

Offered by: Alison

how it can help: Entrepreneurs who become executive assistants or associates can benefit from this course as it focuses on how to become a better team leader and covers strategies for resolving team conflicts.

Course name: Google Analytics Advanced Course

Offered by: Google Analytics

how it can help: Small business owners looking to use the Internet as a place to advertise can benefit from this course’s analysis of website traffic and strategies designed to expand a business’s audience through the use of new marketing strategies.

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