Schools swap traditional snow day for remote learning


CRAVEN COUNTY, NC (WITN) – When the weather keeps kids at home, parents have faced the challenge of where to send them. Now, parents have another hurdle: making sure their children do their homework.

“I know I personally had work meetings today and my kids had zooms,” said Kylene Dibble, executive director of Pitt County Parents for Public Schools and mother of two.

Dibble’s school system was one of many in Pitt County that opted for virtual learning on Monday rather than closing schools altogether.

Dibble said that while not every parent is in the same situation, for his children Monday’s homework was helpful. “Because they actually have some structure in their day and they’ve been able to manage it on their own,” she explained.

Beaufort County schools also went virtual on Monday.

“Do we think teachers can enter the building safely? No, and so we have that virtual option, so that’s what we chose.

The decision rooted in safety allows children to continue learning on the computer as opposed to a typical snow day without school.

“It’s not like, ‘Oh, we have to catch up’ anymore,” said Havelock High School principal Stacie Friebel. “We move forward.”

Friebel said the Craven County school system is working to help parents by planning ahead on their own.

Schools are also starting to use pandemic lessons to deal with other situations. “Through everything we go through, we come out a little stronger or with some extra information that helps us,” Friebel said.

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