Opinion: Lessons from Amazon could benefit all printing companies


Powerful automation is the industry’s greatest offset, and instead of being a threat to employees, it provides opportunities for companies of all sizes to empower their people and increase productivity and profitability.

Digital processes have been changing the way we work, communicate and consume for more than a decade. However, some companies are much further along in their digital transformation than others.

This has been painfully evident in the printing industry over the past 18 months. Those who had postponed their digital investments to “next year” unfortunately had difficulties, while print shops that were already using web-to-print were able to take and execute orders and, most importantly, generate cash flow, even with limited production staff.

This is because the powerful automation offered by web-to-print has been shown to streamline production and significantly reduce the need for human intervention on every print job.

However, employees are often concerned. You may think that automation means that they will be replaced by technology and become unemployed – when in reality the opposite is the case.

In this article, I discuss how automating printing processes can empower and motivate employees to be more creative, learn new skills, and assume responsibility that will be more beneficial to the company’s long-term success.

Automation = innovation
Whatever your thoughts on Amazon, there’s no denying that its approach to automation has massively transformed retail and beyond. But Amazon has not only used it to great effect through e-commerce.

For the past decade, the company has made office work automation a priority through a program called Hands off the Wheel.

According to the e-commerce giant, it was not about reducing the workforce, but rather giving employees more creativity through product development.

Jeff Wilke, Amazon’s CEO of Worldwide Consumer, said, “People who did these everyday, repetitive tasks are now free to do things that involve inventions, things that are harder for machines.”

Technology doesn’t replace employees, it makes them happier (and more loyal)
According to a study by online learning provider Udemy, employees who are bored leave twice as often as those who are at work. The main reasons cited for boredom in the workplace were the lack of opportunities to learn new skills (46%) and undemanding tasks that did not make use of their training (44%).

Further research by project management software provider Smartsheet also found that around 40% of workers spend at least a quarter of their workweek doing manual, repetitive tasks – the majority of which is email, data collection, and data entry.

However, almost 60% of workers believe that automation could save them six hours a week. Almost three quarters (72%) of workers said they would use the time saved by automation to do work that is more valuable to their company.

Get the most out of your people with Web-to-Print (and Infigo)
Infigo’s web-to-print solution has been shown to significantly reduce costs and improve profitability for print businesses by connecting complex systems and eliminating unnecessary repetitive tasks.

For example, our Infigo Connect module integrates the Infigo platform with virtually every MIS on the market. This integration enables various tasks from prepress to post-production to be automated. There is also no need to re-enter information – all data is synchronized between systems, avoiding costly typing errors.

With our pre-flight integration with Enfocus, designers can spend more time creating instead of replying to endless emails to fix minor graphics issues. The powerful PitStop Pro technology analyzes, corrects or rejects artwork in front of the store front, reducing delays or problems in transition to production.

By providing customers with an easy way to place orders online through an Infigo ecommerce storefront, sales teams can focus on building relationships with larger, more profitable customers.

And because our platform is so intuitive, employees can quickly learn to use it, be it to create eye-catching shop windows, to diversify their range through the rapid development of new products or to manage jobs, personnel and resources more efficiently.

In short, you can provide a more rewarding environment for your employees while generating additional income for your business.

Investment, no cost
Automation through web-to-print is not designed to replace staff. In fact, you will find that there is a lot more you can do with the resources you have, besides making huge savings over many years. Compared to the cost of hiring a new employee, web-to-print could prove to be a more sensible investment.

Releasing employees to be more creative could change your business and the careers of your employees more than you thought possible.

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