Nsang outshines Vera and Ngalani in the challenge of eating tacos


ONE Championship fighters Brandon Vera, Alain Ngalani and Aung La Nsang embarked on a challenge to eat spicy tacos. ‘The Burmese Phyton’ easily won over both heavyweight fighters.

Check out the challenge video below:

All three fighters were supposed to eat as many tacos as they could in three minutes. The former two-division champion devoured the entire board of spicy tacos while Vera and Ngalani struggled to finish what was in front of them.

Vera and Ngalani clearly struggled to tolerate the heat of the tacos. Meanwhile, Nsang moved around the tray with ease, leaving only one taco behind.

“How does a middleweight whip us a **?” Asked the former ONE heavyweight champion.

Responding to Vera’s question about how a middleweight survives two heavyweights, Nsang said his mother’s values ​​helped him meet the challenge.

“I had a good breakfast so that my stomach could stretch, then I worked a little and the tacos were good … Growing up my mother made me eat everything on the plate so that’s what happened. I listened to my parents when I was growing up. “

Aung La Nsang beat Brandon Vera and Alain Ngalani inside the ring

Aung La Nsang faced Alain Ngalani and Brandon Vera inside the ring.

Nsang faced Ngalani in November 2017, winning a submission victory in the first round.

Nsang also titled ONE Championship: Century against Brandon Vera in October 2019. Nsang knocked out Vera at 3:23 of the second round.

Aung La Nsang and Brandon Vera are a similar height in this photo, but maybe that’s because of the angle https://t.co/loBOrh6j6p

The future of Nsang, Vera and Ngalani remains uncertain. Nsang is the only one to have voiced a desired opponent. On Twitter, he and Yushin Okami agreed to fight and asked ONE Championship to schedule a fight.

Vera and Ngalani, on the other hand, have not made their intentions clear.

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