Microsoft Edge Introduces Linux Version and Bug Fixes



Currently there is a lot of news on Microsoft Edge from Redmond. The browser receives security patches and, for the first time, a stable version of Linux.

Microsoft Edge now also works on Linux – Microsoft

The basics at a glance

  • Microsoft is currently providing many updates and improvements to Edge on an ongoing basis.
  • Two Chromium open vulnerabilities are currently closed in the browser.
  • In addition, Microsoft is releasing a stable version for the Linux operating system for the first time.

Chrome Based File Browser Windows – Developer wins slowly but harmless to other users. Likewise, there are constantly updates and new versions for Microsoft Edge. Two gaps are filled in Chromium and a new version of Linux is being released.

Microsoft Edge browser is running on a laptop computer. – Microsoft

With security patches The vulnerabilities “CVE-2021-38000” and “CVE-2021-38003”, already used, have been corrected. These are bugs in Chromium itself, so similar fixes for other Chromium browsers will likely follow in the near future.

In addition, users of Linux operating systems are likely to be eagerly awaiting the latest update. Because after several test versions, the first stable version of Microsoft Edge for Linux is now published.

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