List of Udemy Linux courses and training


Discover the top-rated courses on Udemy to help you learn or master Linux at your own pace for your professional goals.

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Learn Linux in 5 days and improve your career

If the biggest challenge in learning Linux is finding the time to do it, this Linux course is for you. Give it just 45 minutes a day for five days, and it will teach you exactly what you need to know about the Linux operating system.

Learn Linux in 5 Days makes no assumptions about your Linux experience or knowledge. You will be guided step by step to learn the most important concepts and commands using a logical and systematic approach based on practical and real examples.

Linux Command Line Basics

The command line is the most powerful interface for performing many complex tasks of all kinds in Linux. This introductory command line course from Udemy may be the best way to start learning it, for beginners and advanced Linux users alike.

Among other things, you will learn how to create your own Linux commands, use powerful wildcards, manage files automatically and find relevant documentation. All you need to take this course is a desire to learn Linux and install any Linux distribution on your computer, even on a virtual machine.

Linux Mastery: Master the Linux command line in 11.5 hours

The Linux Mastery course helps beginners quickly improve their Linux skills and improve their productivity by showing not just how to do something, but why.

The training course first covers the Linux terminal and file system and how to automate and schedule tasks. Next, it explains package managers and software repositories and how to use them to install software from the command line. The course also comes with free cheat sheets and professionally designed section summaries, so you don’t even have to take notes.

Linux Shell Scripting: A project-based approach to learning

Shell scripts are among the most powerful tools available to all Linux users and probably the most flexible as well. This training allows you to master them by leading you, from the start, to write real shell scripts that can be used in real situations.

This approach greatly helps to quickly and completely understand everything the course covers, from combining commands with pipelines to processing text and automating all kinds of tasks. Last but not least, this course never expires. You can study at your own pace and refer to lessons whenever you want.

Linux Admin Bootcamp: Go from Beginner to Advanced

This bootcamp is for anyone who wants to learn more about Linux. Although no prior knowledge is necessary, it also aims to help existing Linux users who want to become power users to use their skills in anything from research to application support to administration. system or software development.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to practice the most important and fundamental concepts of Linux server administration in practical real-world situations. You will be able to configure, maintain and support a variety of Linux systems wherever they are, from your own desktop to the cloud, in the most efficient way.

Kali Linux tutorial for beginners

Kali is a Linux distribution optimized for advanced penetration testing, ethical hacking, and network security assessments. If you want to use Kali Linux to become an ethical hacker but find the command line confusing and intimidating, this Kali Linux tutorial is perfect for you.

It teaches how to use common Linux commands like hackers, create targets, shells and backdoors, in order to understand and replicate what the bad guys are doing. The only prerequisites are a basic understanding of IP networks and ethical hacking concepts, such as port scanning or vulnerability scanning.

Wireshark: Packet Analysis and Ethical Hacking: Basic Skills

Network analysis is a crucial skill for system administrators and ethical hackers. This course, created for network engineers, architects and students, teaches how to analyze networks for all purposes with the powerful Wireshark package.

You will improve your job prospects by learning network protocols and how to troubleshoot networks using Wireshark and by automatically analyzing and capturing data streams (for example, replaying VoIP conversations). Finally, this Wireshark course offers downloadable pcapng files of sample streams to analyze with Wireshark and explains how to use both Wireshark and Kali Linux for ethical hacking.

CompTIA Linux+ (XK0-005) Complete Course and Exam

The CompTIA Linux+ boot camp is the perfect preparation for the CompTIA Linux+ system administration certification. Taught by a successful IT certification instructor, this extremely popular course is designed to help you prepare for the CompTIA Linux+ certification exam (XK0-005), covering all of its four areas: system management; Security; scripts, containers and automation; and troubleshooting.

Take this CompTIA Linux+ boot camp to pass the CompTIA Linux+ certification exam with confidence, after learning how to configure and manage software, set firewalls and secure authentication procedures, create scripts and troubleshoot user, application, and hardware issues.

Linux Courses Frequently Bought Together

Any of these courses can dramatically increase your Linux skills, even if you take it alone. But in order to build those skills and get the most out of your time, you might want to enroll in several of them, one after the other or simultaneously. Indeed, that’s what many Udemy learners have already done, with the most common courses purchased together being Linux Mastery, Linux Administration Bootcamp, and Linux Shell Scripting.


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