Essential remote working tools for your small law firm



Feeling the warm, heavy glow of pressure as you work on a particularly complex and difficult case can be infuriating, exhilarating, and made so much more difficult by the presence of a pandemic.

You are probably all too aware of this if you are indeed the proud owner of a small law firm, but there is no need to worry too much as there are many great tools out there for you. help streamline your processes and ensure that no detail is overlooked. for.

Here are a few options to watch out for, as they can be essential for success in the remote working world.

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With the help of superb real-time filing software, you can ensure that no words are forgotten.

In order to keep your customers happy while meeting industry standards, digital solutions can sometimes be one of the best ways to go about this business, especially when those solutions use human integration to regulate quality control.


Being able to present and explain large amounts of incredibly complex and important information at the drop of a hat is often part of a great legal professional.

However, this can be quite difficult from a distance, especially if you have to work with a large team or maybe if you operate in different time zones.

To give you and your team the support needed to get your arguments across, work on cases, and edit documents together in real time, collaboration software is a must.

External hard drives

As a law firm, you will likely need to work closely with very sensitive client information, which might be too light.

Making sure that this information is kept as safe and sound as possible should be a priority, to say the least, so keeping a physical backup of your files on external hard drives is well worth your consideration.

Backing up to the cloud can also be a great option, as this information will then be accessible from anywhere, by anyone you give authority to.

Going the doubly safe route and backing up to physical disks, however, shouldn’t be completely out of the question.

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Virtual receptionist

Tackling a big deal can leave very little time for next to nothing else, leaving your schedule stuck.

Hiring a virtual receptionist service can be a good option for the busier among you or anyone who wants to free up space in their hectic day.


If you don’t yet have your own accounting department, or if you have one, but they are struggling to get the job done due to the pitfalls of remote working, it might be worthwhile to outsource your accounting efforts. accounting, as it may give you more time to focus your attention elsewhere.


Law firms can be created and destroyed by their ability to communicate effectively with a client.

In this regard, choosing the ideal communication platform is essential. Adopting a multi-channel approach might therefore be the best option.

Just asking the customer what the best platform to communicate with them is could be a good place to start.

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