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Being a tech bro or a tech sis is the new rave and everyone wants to be a part of it. Without a doubt, having a technical skill on your resume or going all out in technology will only earn you more ground in the job search pool.

In case you have coding in mind, here are 13 websites you should visit to learn – for FREE. Let’s get in!

1. FreeCodeCamp

The FreeCodeCamp community was an online community founded in 2014 and since then it has been doing incredibly well in its field of free coding education. FreeCodeCamp is a global community of millions of people learning to code together. Free online courses, coding projects, and interview prep for developer jobs can help you learn to code.

They offer (non-exhaustive) courses in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Data visualization, Testing and Node. js, Python, Machine learning, Data Analysis, InfoSec. Visit their website at freeCodeCamp.org.

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It is a software platform that brings together the best universities (Harvard and MIT) to offer online university courses accessible to everyone. edX started in 2012 and will celebrate 10 years as a landmark this year. Many testimonials have been published by their students. You can also find your career on edX.

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They offer training in (example): InfoSec, Java, Phyton, JavaScript, Data Science, Web Development, Machine Learning and cloud. Visit their website at edx.org

3.) Codecademy

A platform focused on free coding training – optional paid pro plan with certificates. Offers training in the following areas: frontend, backend, several programming languages, data science, machine learning, etc. They have an amazing squad and have achieved some stunning goals since their debut. visit their website at codecademy.com


4.) Khan Academy

An American non-profit organization established in 2008 by Salman Khan that aims to provide education to as many people as possible in the ability to maximize online tools, especially in the areas of math and science. All resources are freely available in multiple languages. They have classes on math, JavaScript, web development (HTML + CSS), SQL, and other subjects. You can visit their website at khanacademy.org

5. The Odin Project

A full-stack open source web development program. The Odin Project provides a free, open-source coding program that can be followed entirely online. Since its inception, it has helped many students get hired as developers and helped countless others learn enough programming to work on their projects.

Founded in 2013 by Erik Trautman. Offers learning paths in Computer Basics, Web Development Basics, Ruby on Rails, and Full-stack Visit their website at theodinproject.com

6. MDN Web Docs by Mozilla

MDN Web Docs is an open source collaborative project documenting web platform technologies. They provide a comprehensive set of learning resources for beginner developers and students. MDN’s mission is to provide a blueprint for a better Internet and enable a new generation of developers and content creators to build it.

One of the best resources for getting references and tutorials for web development. Offers references and training for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, web APIs, security, and more. Visit the website at developer.mozilla.org

7. Learn on your own

Sololearn began seven years ago, owned by Yeva Hyusyan, with the vision of bridging the gap between today’s jobs and tomorrow’s careers, bringing students together to work effectively with their peers in the technological context. A learning platform that focuses on bite-sized lessons. It offers courses in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Java, C#, SQL, Data science, Kotlin, Go, C, etc. Visit their website at sololearn.comsololearn.com

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9. CSS Tips

Microsoft’s learning platform with free courses where you can learn on your own schedule, become certified, and be exposed to live and recorded video in the context of your courses. Offers training in: Azure, ASP.NET and NET. Core, GitHub, PowerBI, VSCode and more. Visit their website at doc’s.microsoft.com.

8. Microsoft Learn

Acquired by Digital Ocean in March 2022. Not your typical learning platform but one of the most popular coding blogs. Contains many articles on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, web development and some PHP. Visit their website at css-tricks.com

10. W3Schools

One of the largest web developer sites in the world. Offers iI courses: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, Python, C, C++, etc. visit their website at w3schools.com

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11. Audacity

Udacity, while known for its (paid) nano-degree programs, also offers a wide range of free courses. Has free training on cloud native, hybrid cloud, data analytics, SQL, databases, big data, and more. Visit their website at Udacity.com

12. MIT Open Tutorial

MIT course materials are free – MIT-level training without attending MIT. Contains: Much more than coding and computer science courses, basics of algorithms, web development, and much more. Visit their website immediately mit.edu


Udemy is one of the biggest online learning platforms, but never the least. It offers a wide range of courses in practically everything: web development, data science, machine learning, software engineering, and much more besides coding like photography, writing, marketing, and anything else you can think of in career. visit their website at udemy.com

That will be it for this list. We hope you find one to use and become familiar with this break.

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List compiled by Olivier Jumpertz.

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