Waves and Avid announce compatibility of Waves V14 plugins with Avid VENUE™


Waves Audio has announced that Avid VENUE | S6L consoles are now fully compatible with the latest version of Waves plugins (V14). All Waves V14 SoundGrid compatible plug-ins can now run in Avid VENUE | S6L consoles via the Waves SoundGrid Rack for VENUE software rack (which has also been updated to V14).

This release continues and extends the seamless integration of Waves plug-ins into Avid VENUE | S6L consoles: Waves plug-ins run directly in the S6L console, with touch control of plug-ins from the console’s control surface, and no additional host computer is required.

The V14 release extends this seamless integration, adding navigation between Waves plug-ins directly from the S6L control surface, as well as other workflow enhancements. This release also adds official Waves support for Avid I/O sharing.

“Avid’s Live Sound team is thrilled to strengthen its relationship with Waves,” says Robb Allan, Avid Senior Senior Product Manager, Live Sound. “Avid and Waves are committed to keeping the software development of our products in step with each other. This partnership is great news for all audio enthusiasts who already use these two products in their daily workflows. Combining the pristine sound of Avid VENUE | S6L along with Waves extensive plugin library gives sound engineers the best tools to create beautiful sound for any job.

Allan adds: “Providing tight integration without requiring an additional control computer, including all touch controls directly on the console, allows for a wonderfully streamlined workflow. Mixing engineers can focus on the front-end audio , accessing every parameter from a vast suite of creative tools at your fingertips.The ability to store all Waves parameters in the 1000 snapshots available on the S6L means that live sound engineers can program their shows with incredible detail and precision.The massive offering includes 128 voices, each supporting a chain of up to eight plugins, meaning there’s always plenty of processing power for even the most demanding shows. ultra-low latency between Avid products integrates with automatic delay compensation in VENUE software, including plug-ins powered by the bus. No matter how complex a show file and routing scheme, the audio is always perfectly aligned in time. »

This formidable Waves/S6L combination currently powers many of today’s biggest live bands, mixed by top engineers such as Sean “Sully” Sullivan (Rage Against the Machine), Andrew Newton (Harry Styles), Greg Price (Black Sabbath), Lance Reynolds (alt-J), and Bryan “Froggy” Cross (Doobie Brothers), as well as audio teams at major places of worship, such as Christ Church of the Valley led by Chief Engineer Blair Drake.

“Waves is delighted with the new compatibility of Waves V14 plugins with Avid VENUE | S6L consoles,” says Mick Olesh, CEO of Waves and Executive Vice President of Sales. “In line with Waves’ continued support of the live community, we are excited to be able to deliver professional excellence and dramatically improve the workflow for FOH engineers using the S6L consoles.”


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