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For its latest report, Virtual Vocations looked at which US cities offer the best opportunities not only to work remotely, but also to enjoy a flexible and balanced personal lifestyle.

“Highlighting the optimal remote work locations across the United States for current job seekers and remote workers is an important part of Virtual Vocations’ mission. – CEO and co-founder of Virtual Vocations, Laura Spawn

Since 2007, Virtual Vocations has connected job seekers with legitimate remote job postings from expert-approved employers who value flexibility in the workplace, and that includes flexibility of location. But just because you can work from anywhere doesn’t mean everything is ideal for working remotely.

In its latest report, Virtual Vocations unveils the top 10 US cities for both professionals currently working from home and job seekers looking to pursue new remote working options.

Virtual Vocations’ report of the 10 best cities for remote working in 2021 also highlights the local coworking centers and shared office spaces available for those who prefer to work outside the home, albeit not. is that every now and then.

The cities named by Virtual Vocations among the best in the country for remote working were ranked based on various factors including affordability and cost of living, prevalence of remote jobs in the region, availability of high-speed Internet access, the total state tax burden and business friendliness, and access to restaurants and bars as well as adventure and green spaces.

Notably, 6 of the 10 cities highlighted by Virtual Vocations are located in the Midwest, in states like Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.

“As employees strive to continue working remotely, it has become evident that many also want the freedom to relocate to areas of the country that are more family-friendly or economically viable,” said Laura Spawn, CEO of Virtual Vocations. “Highlighting the optimal remote work locations across the United States for current job seekers and remote workers is an important part of Virtual Vocations’ mission to continuously bring awareness to data and knowledge. advantages of remote work. “

Virtual Vocations’ new report on the 10 Best Cities for Remote Work in 2021 cites internal data as well as data obtained from sources such as Broadband Now, WalletHub and MERIC and reports from CNBC, MPH Online, US News & World Report, Outforia and Restaurant .org.

The top five cities for remote work as named by Virtual Vocations are:

5. Kalamazoo, Michigan

4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

3. Moline / Rock Island, Illinois

2. Grand Rapids, Michigan

1. Hickory, North Carolina

For more information on remote working in these cities and beyond or to see the full list of the best places in the United States for remote working, visit: statistical-remote-work-reports / top-10-cities-for-remote-work-in-2021 /


Founded in 2007 by CEO Laura Spawn and her brother, CTO Adam Stevenson, Virtual Vocations is a small company with a big mission: to connect job seekers with legitimate remote job opportunities. To date, Virtual Vocations has helped over four million job seekers in their quest for flexible, remote work.

In addition to providing a database of over 40,000 hand-selected remote job postings at any given time, Virtual Vocations offers job seekers a number of tools to assist them in their job search. , including exclusive online courses and downloadable content, as well as a resume. writing service. Virtual Vocations also publishes several reports each year based on data on current trends in remote working.

Virtual Vocations, Inc. is a private, family-owned, 100% virtual company incorporated in Tucson, Arizona.


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