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November 09, 2022

In an audio interview with Hayfa Mohdzaini, Senior Research Advisor at CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development), the professional body for HR and people development, SIA’s Danny Romero discusses home-based employee monitoring practices.

The interview is based on a recent report published by the CIPD and HiBob which revealed that more than half of bosses (55%) agree with the collection of information on regular home workers, including the time spent on laptops each day and email sending behaviors to identify the risk of burnout.

The CIPD report said monitoring can be beneficial because it can help support employee performance and well-being, by identifying signs of excessive workloads and burnout. In the interview, Hayfa talks about how collecting information about homeworkers can be a positive thing and how that data collection would take place. She also explains how employers are becoming more transparent about the reasons for remote work monitoring.

Click below to listen to Mohdzaini’s interview. For a better experience, please use Chrome or Firefox.


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