Tintra files UK patent for wallet linking tech


FinTech company Tintra Plc has filed a UK patent application to protect its technology, which connects digital wallets to shared assets across different platforms and accounts, “…particularly in the context of Web 3.0,” according to the patent application on Thursday (June 16).

The intellectual property (IP) was created as part of Tintra’s rapid research and development program and the company will seek international patent protection per filing.

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Tintra CEO Richard Scherer said the Project Revolution research program took 90 days and the results are better than expected.

“The results include strategic leaps forward across the regulatory, technology and operations teams and have crystallized our mission in one place for the first time. We expect to begin publishing these results in the coming weeks,” Shearer said in the filing.

Tintra’s intellectual property is designed to create a seamless environment for transactions within Web3 and between Web3 and legacy financial systems. According to multiple reports, it also strives to facilitate seamless transactions between developed and emerging world markets, powered by artificial intelligence and providing a global banking infrastructure without bias or bias.

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“The intellectual property we are protecting under this patent application is part of our philosophy that legacy banking and Web 3.0 need not view each other as an existential threat. This filing is intended to protect our innovations as we aim to achieve our goal of using artificial intelligence to create real change,” said Shearer.

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He added that investors are not looking for investments based on pure speculation but want to see some tangible assets to provide a foundation. Tintra “ensures our strategy is responsive to this market shift.”

The company reportedly has banking licenses in Qatar and Puerto Rico, has already applied in the UK and plans to apply in Singapore in 2023.



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