These 28 Huawei devices get HarmonyOS with SuperHub file transfer feature


It’s November and Huawei is releasing a new security patch for its HarmonyOS smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. In the latest development, the company fixed various issues with the November 2022 HarmonyOS security patch.

Every month, the Chinese tech giant strives to find hidden privacy spots in your device. As a result, it releases an improvement package that fixes these issues and provides an efficient user experience.

Finally, these monthly patches minimize the level of risk and harden the internal framework of the gadgets. Therefore, we often recommend that you install newly arrived firmware and keep your devices updated.

Speaking of the November 2022 HarmonyOS security patch, the latest release resolves over 44 issues in the system. These include 1 critical, 15 high, and 27 medium vulnerability.

So far, these vulnerabilities are responsible for system lags, buffering, unstable Bluetooth connections, and more. Therefore, to enjoy a responsive and buffer-free smartphone, make sure to install the latest security patch.

November 2022 Security Patch – Issues

The November 2022 HarmonyOS security patch mainly works on kernel, system, apps and device framework. Additionally, it also lists third-party vulnerabilities and fixes them for versions affected by HarmonyOS.

Let’s understand these problems one by one.


  • High: CVE-2022-44546, CVE-2021-46851
  • Medium: CVE-2021-46852, CVE-2022-44551

The latest patch addresses vulnerabilities that could develop reboot issues, abnormal video playback, and could affect data privacy. It also repairs the memory management module and verifies secure memory attributes.


  • High: CVE-2022-44547, CVE-2022-44557, CVE-2022-44563
  • Medium: CVE-2022-44562, CVE-2022-44548, CVE-2022-44549, CVE-2022-44553, CVE-2022-44554

In this area, the newly released patch takes care of the display functions. It fixes abnormal state of display modules and fixes API access. On the other hand, it also boosts Bluetooth connectivity.

On top of that, the company fixed the third-party filtration and stopped them from starting up frequently. Accordingly, there will be no affection for user privacy.


  • Medium: CVE-2022-44560, CVE-2022-44561

The November 2022 HarmonyOS patch fixes the launch module and its redirection vulnerability. Moreover, it made arbitrary widgets and shortcuts more efficient for the system.


  • High: CVE-2022-44550
  • Medium: CVE-2022-44559, CVE-2022-44558, CVE-2022-44555, CVE-2022-44552

Finally, the patch works on better framework conditions. It improves the lock screen module so that it does not affect system availability. In addition, it optimizes the DDMP and ODMP modules and deals with the unavailability of these services.

Affected version:

Notably, these issues were occurring in versions HarmonyOS 2.0, HarmonyOS 2.1, and HarmonyOS 3.0.0. So, if you have any of these builds in your gadget then you should download the November 2022 patch as soon as it hits the notification panel.


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