The Trima desktop app for Windows, MacOS and Linux is here



Trima today announced the availability of the Trima Desktop Processor for Windows, macOS, and Linux via the Official Blog. Thanks to the new Trima desktop app, you no longer need to search for Trima in the browser and no longer have to switch between multiple tabs, you still have apps. Anyone texting on a computer will appreciate this simplification, which makes chatting much easier. The app is based on the Trima web and is readily available. Like the web client, an encrypted end-to-end connection is established for the mobile device, and the app naturally covers the full range of Trima’s web functions. In terms of security, the application exceeds the high quality of the web solution. To use Trima for PC, the app must be installed on the smartphone. The Trima app is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux and can now be downloaded from the official website. You can find more information below or on Trima Blog.

Download -> Download the Threema app for Windows, macOS and Linux

You can download the Trima Desktop Processor for Windows, macOS, and Linux as follows:

  • Download the Threema desktop app for Windows, macOS, and Linux
    You can download the Threema desktop processor for Windows, macOS, and Linux here.
    Website ->

Threema desktop app for Windows, macOS and Linux -> Description

Trima is an application with special emphasis on security and data security. True end-to-end encryption ensures that no one other than the intended recipient can read the message. Trima can be used anonymously without specifying personal data such as phone number or email address. Messages will be deleted on our server as soon as they are delivered. Thus, the user is better protected against misuse of data. The Trima desktop app is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. In terms of functionality, the desktop app and the web client are the same. Both solutions share the same structure and are characterized by the following characteristics.

  • Complete News Match: By scanning the QR code, your computer and mobile device will be connected to each other at all times. All news feeds are fully available on the desktop.
  • Secure and Data Storage: All communications between mobile phone and PC are fully end-to-end encrypted. Messages synchronized in the browser will be deleted immediately after the session.
  • Open Source: Like mobile apps, desktop apps, and web clients rely on open source and open standards. It is also possible to run the web client on its own server.
  • When it comes to security, the desktop client offers few advantages. On the one hand, browser plug-ins are unlikely to introduce vulnerabilities; On the other hand, since each session is stored unrecovered from a server, it can be more difficult for attackers to manipulate application code. To the user locally.

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The Trima application is available for current versions of Windows, MacOS and Linux.

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