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, which completes the executive program.

Participants in the selection process will be able to choose one of four exclusive programs: Marketing & Innovation Strategies, Management, Innovative project management and Sales management and negotiation


In management, students will have access to content that improves leadership, organizational methodologies, decision-making and multicultural management. The SCRUM and Agile methods, Design Thinking and innovative management are part of the methodology of the Innovative Project Management courses. In Sales Management & Negotiation, fellows strengthen their leadership in business, negotiation performance and sales psychology. And in the Marketing Strategies & Innovation course, where participants develop skills focused on innovation, social media, brands, neuromarketing and communication strategies, among other current and relevant topics.

The entries will be until October 18

and can be done on the special program page. The final outcome of the process will be announced on

november day



A company focused on solutions for digital businesses, Enext announces the launch of the “VTEX Training Program The project aims to identify and develop talented people to work on one of the best e-commerce platforms in the market. Those selected will receive a stipend of R $ 150 and a meal voucher in the amount of 17.64. R $ per day (with the possibility of being converted into a food voucher)

With a duration of 64 days and possibility of employment at the end, the program is aimed at young people who are pursuing higher or technological studies in courses related to the field of marketing, engineering and technology. In addition, the goal is to reach at least 40% of vacancies for women and blacks. The selection process for the program will be dynamic and will be selected from among 11 and 15 participants in total.

Those approved will be offered training, conferences and activities that will be carried out remotely, via video platforms. The program will be 78% digital, making it easy to serve interested parties from anywhere. This is the way to further allow the training of qualified professionals, in addition to modifying the management of human resources which has increasingly transformed processes with new technologies, with a strategic role in agile environments.

To apply, visit the program’s special page.


OLX Brazil

Online buying and selling platform in files, services, consumer goods and real estate, OLX Brasil announces the opening of registrations for the 2nd edition of OLX Brazil Hackathon ,

happening from October 13th to 27th

, during Hacktudo, one of the country’s main digital culture festivals – which received corporate sponsorship for the second year in a row.

Carried out entirely remotely, the 30 teams – of at least two and at most four participants – registered for the marathon will have 36 hours to idealize and develop an original, creative and applicable solution, in connection with the theme “Smart and sustainable in large scale “. Thirty mentors will be available to support the teams, which will be assessed by four technology and innovation judges. Your 10 teams with the best evaluations by the Hackathon jury will be selected for a pitch session on October 23, which will be open to the public. The three best placed teams will be awarded credits available in the OLX digital wallet, ie 1st place, with R $ 10,000; 2nd place, with R $ 4,000; and 3rd place, R $ 2,000.

The participants with the best individual performances will be selected by OLX Brasil for a summer internship, lasting three months, an opportunity for students to experience what a working environment looks like in a technology company, in addition to contributing to the future training of these professionals. , which will have contacts with the fields of Engineering, Big Data and Design. In order to encourage women’s empowerment and gender equality and with the aim of encouraging the participation of women in the market for culture, technology and innovation, this year’s edition will focus on selection of teams composed of at least two women – including cis and trans – from higher education, undergraduate or technical course students, currently enrolled.


is free

and aiming at

university students and students of technical courses in any field of expertise

d the country, who can apply

until September 36

on the special program website.

Ambev Tech

Registration for ABI Academy Hack, Hackathon

open innovation designed by Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI) and Ambev Tech for university students across Brazil. The main objectives are to strengthen contact with students and universities, to promote the academic ecosystem and to attract talents in the technological field, by promoting a collaborative environment to solve, with innovation, real challenges for Ambev. . In total, it will be R $ 15,000 in prize money.

The Hackathon will feature six challenges divided into two parts – Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Participants will have until October 1

to create and submit their projects during the registration phase. Then, 26 teams will be selected for the Ideation and Prototyping phases. In each of them, the teams will be supported by expert mentors from ABI and Ambev. For the final phase, 08 teams will be selected, which will participate in a live Demo Day (5/11). From there, six winning teams will come out – three from each track.


Eligible to participate in the program are students over the age of 19, taking undergraduate, graduate, master’s or doctoral courses, in the exact sciences, such as computer science, programming and others, capable of solve problems using data and algorithms.

To apply, see the rules for participation and the evaluation and delivery criteria, visit the special program page.

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