Remote working kept me away from PC games



You don’t need me to tell you how much the pandemic has changed our ways. Remote working may have been a blessing in disguise on some level, but it’s hard to deny that over the past couple of years it has slowly eroded the line between our personal and professional lives.

Don’t get me wrong – you’ll never find me to complain about not having to spend several hours a day commuting between office and office. Yet despite this, working from home completely destroyed my desire to go anywhere near my gaming setup.

I still play video games, but with each passing day I find it much more heartwarming to curl up on the couch with a previous gen console than to spend my evening playing at the same office where I work eight. hours per day.

Give up my gaming PC

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I assembled my trusty gaming PC shortly after I finished school. Since then, it’s been with me through thick and thin, even going through a few CPU, GPU, and motherboard upgrades over the years. This same gaming rig now sits next to my work-at-home setup where I spent the majority of the pandemic working.

My gaming platform continued to be an important part of my life throughout college and early in my professional career as a communications consultant. Even throughout the pandemic, my PC has helped me through 2020 and allowed me to enjoy some of the best games of 2021 during containment.

However, I only recently realized that the more exhausted and exhausted I felt at work, the less time I wanted to spend playing at a desk. I understand that working and playing are very different activities – and in my case involve having two separate PCs – but I just couldn’t get over the fact that I was glued to a computer in the same chair and the same desk. .

At first I wondered if I had outgrown video games – like if. I always wanted to play, even though the thought of sitting in front of my gaming PC made me a little sick. I first turned to Twitch streams to try and live vicariously across various game content creators, but it just wasn’t the same.

That’s when I had a light bulb moment – I still couldn’t grab a next-gen console like the PS5 or the Xbox x series, but i got my dusty Original PS4, which I decided to install in my living room as far physically as possible from my office. This solution worked a treat.

Of course, an eight-year-old console could never compete with an average to mid-range gaming PC in terms of hardware specs and graphics capabilities. But I never seemed to care – even with the occasional FPS stuttering, I was able to browse newer versions like Resident Evil Village and Mass Effect Legendary Edition with minimal problems.

I do admit, however, that consoles will probably never be able to reasonably compete with PCs in terms of having a comparable selection of games to choose from. Even taking into account Xbox Game Pass as good as rumors While PlayStation may be developing its own game subscription service, the versatility of computers will always mean that PC users will have access to a greater variety of games than their console counterparts. Personally, whenever this became a problem, I simply swept the Nintendo Switch whenever the urge to play more relaxed struck.

Is there a solution ?

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While I have made the switch to console gaming for now, I certainly don’t see this as a permanent change. Even though my PC continues to collect dust, I still think I’ll come back to it someday as soon as my patience for remote working stops wearing out a bit. In the meantime, in case you find yourself in a similar situation, I’ve put together a few possible solutions that haven’t fully worked for me, but may work very well for you.

First of all – and I admit this may not seem like a viable solution for those who live in a tiny London apartment like me – it may be worth thinking about separating your gaming rig from your gaming space. work if you have the space to do it. Moving your gaming setup to a guest room, hooking it up to your TV, or even just moving it to another office can make all the difference in helping you mentally separate your workspace from your recreation area. If that sounds like a reasonable plan, we’ve got a roundup of best inexpensive gaming desks available now.

While it’s just not possible to move your gaming PC away from your current desk, there are other things you can do to change the way you view your workspace. Making a conscious effort to adopt healthier work habits has worked for me on more than one occasion. For example, this can include things like taking short breaks throughout the day or blocking out time for a short walk at noon whenever your work schedule allows.

Another tip is to prevent yourself from having lunch in front of your work laptop, but that’s just good general life advice. Essentially, the goal here is to minimize the time you spend at your desk as much as possible to ensure you have the energy you need to play later.

Having a reliable group of gaming friends on PC can also help you regain your gaming motivation. You’ll also be less likely to chip away if you schedule regular play sessions throughout the week.



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