Producer and singer Yosa Peit unveils his first album on Termina / Tax Free


Distorted lo-fi meets glitchy electronica and pop-tinged vocals.

Producer and singer Yosa Peit will release her debut album, titled Phyton, through the Termina/Tax Free label in October.

Written, recorded and produced entirely by Peit, its 11 tracks feature his vocals over choppy electronics, guitar and drums, described by the label as “craggy interdimensional pop”.

Listen to “Leaf II” below:

“Overtime, phyton will evolve into a larger project encompassing collaborations with artists from other disciplines. The objective is to study the means of linking the child and the plant, the descendant and the tree in a new interspecific garden.

Pre-order a copy of phyton here ahead of its October 30 release, check out the cover art and track listing below.

List of tracks:

1. Precious Lies
2. Serpentine
3. Anthy
4. Loops
5. Sheet I
6. Serious people laugh
7. Elephant
8. Leaf II
9. Linen
10. New Stars
11. Palm antenna

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