Pop! _OS Linux from System76 to create a Rust-based desktop



They leave Gnome after being a gnome for so many years

System76’s Pop! _OS Linux distribution already has its own GNOME-based “COSMIC” desktop, but apparently it has had enough and wants to upgrade to a Rust-based desktop.

A discussion on Reddit about the possibility of seeing a KDE version of Pop! _OS revealed the more unexpected news that the outfit was working on its “own desktop.”

System76 engineer and Pop! _OS maintainer Michael Murphy “mmstick” commented that System76 will be his own office. When asked if that meant a GNOME fork, the answer was “No, it’s his own thing written in Rust.”

System76 follows a fight between developers Pop! _OS and GNOME over their approach to the theme and customizations.

Murphy wrote that he currently has a desktop environment which is a collection of GNOME Shell extensions that break every version of GNOME Shell.

“Either we are heading towards maintaining tens of thousands of ape patch lines, or we are doing it the right way and making the next step a full desktop environment equal to GNOME Shell.”

Murphy clarified that the main thing would be an independent / distro-agnostic desktop environment and that they “would use tools that already exist (mutter, kwin, wlroots), but implement the surrounding shell in Rust from scratch.”

“We are already doing our best to follow freedesktop’s specifications with our software. So there is no reason to think we would do otherwise,” he said.

Murphy said the choice was the best part of open source.

“None of us would be here today if people weren’t brave enough to take the next step with a new solution to an existing problem.”



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