Phyton Biotech partners with PellePharm

Phyton Biotech and ShovelPharm have formed a partnership to develop a factory cell culture based on a process to enable future renewable production of PellePharm’s patidegib feedstock, a topical treatment of Gorlin syndrome and high frequency basal cell carcinoma (BCC). PellePharm is currently investigating the safety and efficiency topical patidegib gel for the reduction of BCCs eligible for surgery in patients with Gorlin syndrome in a phase 3 trial.

The basis of this joint initiative is Phyton Biotech’s proprietary Plant Cell Fermentation (PCF) technology, a unique platform that enables a renewable, reliable and scalable supply of plant-derived compounds like cyclopamine, the key building block for patidegib synthesis. . As part of its agreement with PellePharm, Phyton Biotech will immediately begin development of the new process.

“We are extremely excited to partner with PellePharm as pioneers in precision medicine to take this topical skin cancer treatment to the next level of excellence with our patented PCF® technology,” said Colin Marr, President of Phyton Biotech. “This application of our ‘green chemistry’ process is just the latest example of how Phyton Biotech is advancing traditional manufacturing approaches for high-value phytochemicals and dramatically improving patient care.”

Currently, cyclopamine comes from the perennial herb Veratrum californicum (corn lily), a member of the Liliaceae plant family found in remote mountainous regions of western North America.

“PellePharm’s partnership with Phyton Biotech underscores our commitment to bringing a new treatment option to patients with Gorlin Syndrome and other skin cancers,” said Sanuj Ravindran, Chief Executive Officer of PellePharm. “As we begin our pivotal Phase 3 clinical trial of patidegib topical gel and prepare for commercial-scale production of patidegib if approved, we anticipate that demand for cyclopamine will increase, which will drive the need for an additional and more scalable source.

The partnership with PellePharm follows Phyton Biotech’s successful demonstration of its ability to express cyclopamine directly from plant cell cultures of Veratrum californicum via PCF. Further and comprehensive development To augment in commercial-size bioreactors of up to 75 m³ volume, operated at Phyton Biotech’s facilities in Germany, is expected to follow the current schedule.


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