New DevOps Bootcamp released by Linux and CD Foundations



The Linux Foundation and the Continuous Delivery Foundation announced a new DevOps Bootcamp.

The boot camp aims to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to use DevOps principles and practices, including DevSecOps and GitOps, in various technology roles.

According to the recently released Open Source Jobs 2021 report, 88% of tech professionals surveyed use DevOps practices in their work, saying that understanding these topics is no longer optional. Boot camp begins with an introduction to DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), then moves on to specific DevOps tool sets such as Jenkins. It ends with more advanced topics, including GitOps and DevSecOps principles and practices.

The boot camp was created for existing and aspiring developers, operations staff, engineers, and others involved in software development, delivery, deployment, and maintenance. And while the program covers some specific tools like Jenkins, it is not intended to train users on specific sets of tools.

“The DevOps space has a wide variety of tools that are used in many combinations by organizations,†says The Linux Foundation.

“As a result, candidates are better served by taking specific tool training when needed. Rather, this program focuses on the overall skills and practices required to operate in a continuously developed and deployed architecture. “

Boot camp can be completed in about six months with 10 to 15 hours of training per week. The courses included in the program are:

  • DevOps and SRE Fundamentals: Implementing Continuous Delivery (LFS261)
  • Jenkins Essentials (LFS267)
  • CI / CD with Jenkins X (LFS268)
  • GitOps: Continuous Delivery on Kubernetes with Flux (LFS269)
  • DevSecOps implementation (LFS262) (content available end of 2021)

The new DevSecOps Implementation (LFS262) course is included in the DevOps Bootcamp, which will be available in Q4. It is recommended that this course be completed last in the schedule, as it should be available before participants reach this part of training camp.

Participants will have access to a training camp-specific online forum, allowing them to interact with other students and instructors, as well as live course instructors four days a week. Applicants have unlimited access to the program for 12 months. After completing all five courses and their final exams, participants will receive a verifiable certificate of completion and a shareable online badge.

“DevOps has become the standard way to develop and deploy software in production, making DevOps skills essential for anyone working in the industry,†said Clyde Seepersad, CEO of the Linux Foundation and CEO of training and certification.

“There is a significant shortage of technological talent in the world, in addition to the challenges of upgrading the skills of existing professionals who are accustomed to traditional development methodologies. Our goal in creating this boot camp is to lower the barrier to entry for those new to the tech industry, and also provide a simple and structured way for existing professionals to update their skills. “

Continuous Delivery Foundation Executive Director Tracy Miranda says implementing continuous delivery techniques varies widely by industry and requires a case-by-case understanding of unique development environments.

“The Linux Foundation continues to provide high quality courses for software developers who want to better understand the continuous delivery landscape, and the DevOps Bootcamp is a great way to boost your understanding and skills,†she says.

“By registering for the boot camp, in just six months, you will be able to better assess and implement solutions that meet your DevOps needs.”



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