minister ‘confident’ 400 sites will be in place by 2025


Remote work center operators have been warned not to overcharge for their use as wide price disparities have emerged.

Rural and Community Development Minister Heather Humphreys said high prices could undermine the goal of establishing hundreds of remote centers nationwide in coming years.

But the minister says she is confident that a target of 400 remote work hubs will be achieved by 2025.

speaking on Newstalk breakfast ahead of the announcement of new initiatives to support remote working across the country, the minister said the aim was to increase the capacity of these centers and make working from them more comfortable.

There are currently 200 such hubs, up from 60 last May. The goal is 400 by 2025.

I am convinced that we will achieve this goal sooner.

The cost of a “shared office” at hubs varies across the country, Ms Humphreys acknowledged.

It depended on customer needs, with hub owners setting their own fees. The average cost was €10 to €20 a day, she said, but some charge up to €30 and €35.

Landlords who charged high prices might find they weren’t getting business.

“If they’re too expensive, people won’t use them,” Ms Humphreys warned.

The minister said the government wanted to be able to give people the choice of working remotely or having a mixed working style, spending several days in the office. It would lead to a better quality of life, she said.

Asked about grants to convert the space into a home office, Ms Humphreys said there was a tax incentive in the last budget, but working from home might not be a perfect situation because it There had to be a demarcation between work and personal life. that’s why remote work hubs were perfect and offered a good alternative.


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