Meet the 23 Nigerian startups shortlisted for Google’s $4M Black Founders Fund


Google announced on Tuesday that 60 African tech startups have been shortlisted to receive funding from it $4 million Black Founders Fund (BFF). As expected, Nigerian startups dominated the list with 23 out of 60 companies selected across Africa.

According to Google, the selected startups will receive $100,000 in basic cash awards paired with up to $200,000 in Google Cloud credits per startup. Startups also receive ongoing hands-on business and technical mentoring from Google’s network of mentors and facilitators, and learn best practices on a range of topics in artificial intelligence, organizational culture, people management and growth strategies.

Here is a list of the 23 selected startups from Nigeria:

Bookings Africa: Bookings Africa enables African gig workers to digitize and monetize their skills by efficiently and transparently connecting clients with qualified talent across Africa.

clafiya: Clafiya connects individuals, families and businesses with healthcare practitioners, enabling access to convenient, quality and affordable primary care on-demand through their mobile phones

Eden Life: Eden Life provides an operating system for receiving and delivering essential services in Africa – with a focus on offering grocery, cleaning, laundry and beauty services to our customers.

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Discount Intel: Estate Intel provides reliable data to companies investing in or operating in the African real estate sector.

Flex financing: Flex Finance helps businesses in Africa manage approval workflow, access credit, issue company cards to employees and make payouts – all from one platform.

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Player: Gamr is an eSports tournament aggregation platform that helps African gamers discover tournaments to play and be rewarded.

Train 247: Haul247 is a logistics platform that connects manufacturing companies and farmers with trucks and warehouses.

Health Tracka: Healthtracka is a platform that allows users to access on-demand health services from the comfort of their own homes.

HerVest: HerVest offers a highly secure, women-centric financial platform that empowers women to engage in essential financial services, with a focus on women farmers

Kyshi: Kyshi offers multi-currency accounts and remittance services to and from Africa.

LifeBank: LifeBank uses technology to add value to multiple segments (manufacturing, marketing and distribution) of the healthcare supply chain, such as blood, oxygen and medical supplies.

norebase: Norebase provides a single digital platform and technology tools for entrepreneurs and companies to incorporate, scale and operate in every African country and the United States.

OneHealth: OneHealth is an online pharmacy and healthcare platform that provides patients with last-mile access to medicines, healthcare information and solutions (laboratory services and physicians).

pivot: Pivo is a lending-focused commerce digital bank that supports businesses across Africa.

QShop: QShop is an easy-to-use DIY ecommerce platform designed to help small to medium-sized businesses scale and sell better online.

scrapays: Scrapays creates an operating system infrastructure for the recycling value chain in developing countries.

Ship: Shiip uses web, mobile and API technology to connect individuals and businesses with delivery services in and out of Africa.

Spleen: Spleet uses a “rent now, pay later” model to advance our mission to ensure every African can afford housing.

Stars: Stears is a financial intelligence company providing subscription-based content and data to global professionals. Our mission is to build the world’s most trusted provider of African data.

terawerk: Terawork is an online freelance marketplace focused on matching freelancers with service buyers.

Topset Education: Topset Education is an edtech platform that makes quality education accessible to Africans everywhere

Wellahealth: Wellahealth provides technology and financial tools to healthcare providers and patients to enable affordability and accessibility of healthcare in emerging markets.

Avaba: Awabah is a digital pension platform for Africa’s workers.

Google launched the Startups Black Founders Fund in Africa in 2021. Since then, the company says it has backed 50 startups from nine African countries, raising over $87 million and creating 518 jobs. The 60 startups shortlisted for the 2022 cohort were selected from 10 African countries.


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