MacOS update improves iPhone compatibility


Apple released another macOS update on Friday night. The update appears among others among macOS 11 alias Big Sur users, but earlier versions of macOS such as predecessor 10.15 alias Catalina are also considered. Obviously, the condition is that you have already synced an iPhone or iPad with the system, but the update can also be offered to all users.

According to Apple, the so-called device support update should ensure that iOS and iPadOS devices can always be “properly updated and restored with a Mac.” The group did not give further details. Such updates usually appear automatically when you connect an iPhone or iPad to the Mac and the operating system lacks suitable drivers; However, updating device support seems to do more than just these driver updates.

After the end of iTunes, Apple moved the central functions of managing iOS and iPadOS devices to Finder’s file manager. Here you can start a sync, view storage status, import updates, initiate device recovery, and trigger backups. It doesn’t always work as expected; Alternatively, you can also use external management tools such as iMazing.

Device Support Update is almost 200MB in size and is recommended for all users. It is conceivable that it will be necessary to connect new devices such as iPhone 13 or iPad mini 6 and iPad 9 to Mac, although Apple has not yet released this. The update will likely be the last update Apple provides before the release of macOS 12, aka Monterey. The Apple scene is currently awaiting the next major operating system update for the Mac in October.

No more Macs and me

No more Macs and me


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