Linux exFAT v1.2 programs help repair corrupt file systems


In addition to the exFAT Linux kernel driver for Microsoft’s exFAT filesystem support on Linux, in userspace is “exfatprogs” providing the various utilities for interacting with this popular filesystem on SD storage/ SDCX and flash drives. exfatprogs 1.2 version brings today fsck.exfat support for repairing corrupted exFAT file systems on Linux.

The exFAT Linux kernel filesystem driver works well and continues to work routinely with newer kernel versions. Today’s exfatprogs 1.2 release for these exFAT user space programs is the first new release in nearly a year.

With exfatprogs 1.2, the fsck.exfat utility is now able to repair corruptions of an exFAT file system. The fsck utility for exFAT can repair corrupt dentry sets, corrupt root, and other common corruptions. Prior to v1.2, fsck.exfat only checked for consistency, but did not actually repair corrupt filesystems. Another new feature is exfat2img as a program to dump metadata from an exFAT file system.

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The exfatprogs 1.2 release also contains other fsck.exfat fixes and minor additions.

Downloads and more details on exfatprogs 1.2 changes via GitHub.


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