Linux 5.15-rc2 released with numerous fixes, resolving issues raised by “-Werror”



Linux 5.15-rc2 is now available as the latest weekly release candidate for this next Linux kernel release. Linux 5.15 in turn should be released as stable around the beginning of November.

Just a week after the merge window ended, Linux 5.15-rc2 saw a lot of fixes coming in last week. Some of the post-merge window items that caught my attention this week included exceeding the GCC version requirement for the base version of the supported compiler, with Linux 5.15 now being slightly less faulty for the DEC Alpha system. “Jensen”, and an important fix for the KSMBD in -kernel SMB3 file server.

Linus Torvalds noted in Announcement 5.15-rc2 that he spent much of the week examining the issues raised by the default -Werror since rolled back for the Linux kernel during the merge window. Various fixes – including this DEC Jensen fix – came from examining issues with promoting compiler warnings to errors.

Linus added in the announcement 5.15-rc2, “It’s finish? No. But overall I feel pretty good about it all, even if it means I looked at some really weird and ugly code. Who knew I would still worry about a weird EISA pilot on alpha after all these years? A little change of pace;)

This Linux 5.15 performance regression remains in 5.15-rc2 pending further patches to test to hopefully fix it well before the stable 5.15 release. I am in contact with the relevant developers.

See my overview of the original Linux 5.15 features for the long list of new features, new hardware support, and other changes to be found with this upcoming kernel. More Linux 5.15 benchmarks to come on Phoronix.



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