LEGO Bricktales is now available with Linux support and Steam Deck Verified


Who doesn’t love LEGO? ClockStone and Thunderful Publishing have just released LEGO Bricktales and surprisingly it comes with full native Linux support in addition to being Steam Deck Verified. They didn’t mention anything about Linux before release, so it took me by surprise, but it was welcome so I picked up a personal copy to try it out.

LEGO Bricktales takes place across 5 different themed biomes, where it’s up to you to solve various puzzles by building whatever helps you. With the physics involved, you need to make sure you’re building something sonic that won’t fall apart.

I actually really enjoyed this one. A great vibe, and it definitely looks the part – the LEGO style here is practically perfected. Having your builds in the world just the way you make them is also a really good idea, as is the ability to go back to sandbox mode and build them all bigger. While there’s an overarching story of helping your grandfather rebuild a theme park, it’s full of little mini-adventures as you go through it and it’s really lovely. Good for all ages.

LEGO Bricktales is unlike any other LEGO game that came before it. Most of them focus on some kind of action, while this is a simplified puzzle adventure from the creators of Bridge Constructor.

My only real complaint is that the camera controls can be a bit boring, but you get the hang of it eventually.

Here is an intro and some screenshots of the Steam Deck:

Game Features:

  • A LEGO globetrotting adventure: Experience a whimsical and epic adventure across the world, filled with charming dialogue and fun secrets to uncover.
  • Beautiful diorama worlds: Explore five story-changing overworld biomes and the amusement park hub, all built entirely of LEGO bricks.
  • Build like never before: Experience the most intuitive brick-by-brick construction in a LEGO video game, as you see your creations come to life in a three-dimensional world.
  • Test your skills with various puzzles: Different types of puzzles will test your building skills. Use your engineering brains in functional physics-based puzzles to build a bridge for an excavator to cross a river, put on your designer hat to build a stunning new throne for the king, or customize amusement park rides .
  • Master your builds in Sandbox mode: Unlock sandbox mode after completing a build point, then come back and upgrade your build with a huge selection of extra bricks of different themes.
  • Lots of items to collect and unlock: Find collectibles in the different dioramas and use them to buy cool new items for your wardrobe or new brick color sets for sandbox mode.
  • Build your unique character: Create your own minifigure from a huge selection of parts and unlock more options inspired by the worlds you visit as you progress through the story.

Available for purchase on GOG and Steam.

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