KDE Ends October With More Patches, Continues Polishing Plasma Wayland


KDE Plasma 5.23 offers much better Plasma Wayland support than previous versions, but Wayland’s refined support journey on par with X11 is still not over. The KDE developers finished October on other Wayland fixes as well as other improvements to this open source desktop.

KDE developer Nate Graham has come out with his usual weekly development summary for all the ongoing events for this major free software project. Some of the KDE highlights for this week included:

– Plasma is slightly faster and uses less memory each time it loads an icon.

– The KDE Battery and Brightness application can display the battery level of graphics tablets connected by Bluetooth.

– Show on KDE Plasma Wayland now has the same “Active Window” mode as under X11.

– Fixed possible crash for Dolphin.

– Filelight now uses multithreaded file system scan to scan your hard drive faster.

– Less “horrible” graphics issues with KDE Plasma 5.23 when using the NVIDIA driver.

– Wayland Plasma session now respects the keyboard repeat rate setting.

– Plasma Wayland session when running Firefox is now more responsive for file drag and drop actions.

– Breeze folders now respect the specified selection color and accent color.

– KDE Frameworks has started adding support for saving volatile state data around window size / position and more in a separate configuration file. The Dolphin file manager has started to use this separate management.

More details on this week’s changes via Nate’s blog.

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