Intel Xeon Platinum 8380 performance is excellent for Linux 6.0


Not only does AMD EPYC performance look really good for Linux 6.0, but many of the scheduler changes and common kernel improvements also apply to Intel’s Xeon Platinum 8380 “Ice Lake” server processors. For your viewing pleasure, this weekend, some early benchmarks comparing Linux 5.19 stable against Linux 6.0 Git as we approach the end of the merge window.

All benchmarks were run from the same regular Intel Xeon Platinum 8380 2P server used for our various benchmarks over the past year.

Linux 5.19 stable and Linux 6.0 Git as of August 9 were used when running these benchmarks. Kernels were obtained using the Ubuntu Mainline Kernel PPA for easy reproducibility by others.

Long story short, Linux 6.0 shows some nice improvements on the Intel Xeon Ice Lake server:

As with the AMD EPYC Linux 6.0 benchmark, PostgreSQL in particular seems to get a nice boost on Linux 6.0, as do some other database workloads.

Apache Spark is another workload that works well on Linux 6.0.

ClickHouse looks good too.

And even some improvements with Apache Cassandra too.

Apache and RocksDB are other server workloads that perform well on Linux 6.0 for this high-end Intel Xeon Scalable server.

Nginx is also moving in the right direction…

SVT video encoding performance was also up with Linux 6.0, something I hadn’t seen on other boxes in my early Linux 6.0 tests so far.

LAMMPS is one of the HPC workloads showing improvement with Linux 6.0 on Xeon Ice Lake.

A number of multi-threaded workloads got nice improvements with Linux 6.0.

Many synthetic core benchmarks look great.

Overall, the performance of the Xeon Platinum 8380 2P looks to offer a nice improvement with Linux 6.0 for this year-old platform. Overall, Linux 6.0 looks pretty exciting for AMD and Intel hardware. Stay tuned for more benchmarks and kernel coverage over the next few weeks on Phoronix.


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