Google announces a host of new features for Meet to make remote working between teams more efficient


  • Now Google Meet gets reactions in meetingsPiP, etc.
  • The next client-side encryption feature will give direct control of encryption keys.
  • Google says upcoming features will be available starting next month.

Google announced a bunch of updates to Google Meet. The new update will bring many features, but the highlights are in-meeting reactions, emoji reactions, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides integration, and a new picture in picture fashion.

The search giant will roll out client-side encryption next month, which is currently in beta. Users will be able to gain full control over the encryption keys once the update arrives.

Announcing Google’s major product manager update (Google Meet), Dave Citron said, “We know we need solutions that help people make connections that can bridge the gap between physical spaces and beyond. .” Citron also noted that these updates focus on the meaning of “collaborative fairness”, the ability to contribute to meetings despite location, role, experience level, device performance and language. The goal of these updates is to break down barriers and bring the same experience to those working remotely and in physical spaces.

New features coming to Google Meet

According to Google, the picture-in-picture mode will be available starting next month. This feature will help presenters see their audience while navigating through windows and tabs.

In-meeting reactions will allow users to express themselves visually with emojis. Google says it will bring more energy to the meeting and give immediate feedback to presenters and other attendees.

Another major update is the integration of Google Meet with Docs, Sheets and Slides and this feature will be available in the coming weeks. Users can start a meeting and bring people to a document, spreadsheet, and even a presentation. According to Google, this will help teams in meetings collaborate in real time while having a conversation.

The client-side encryption feature will give users direct control of encryption keys. We don’t know when this security feature will be available to everyone as it is currently in beta stage.

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