Fylde Coast vegan launches ethical protein supplement business



Karl Fogg, 57, worked on his new brand, Phyton, during the lockdown and said he has developed a formula that allows athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts to get the extra protein they they wish without supporting cruelty to animals.

The former dock worker, who until the shutdown ran a discount business for places like hotels and restaurants, said traditional protein supplements are based on whey from the dairy industry, but vegans don’t will not use it for ethical reasons because the calves are slaughtered. for meat or veal

He said: “I’ve always been to gyms and done taekwondo and martial arts so I’ve been around supplements for years. I had been working on this project for a while now, but the lockdown helped me by giving me more time to perfect it.

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Karl Fogg from Fleetwood with his ethical vegan protein supplement
Karl Fogg from Fleetwood with his ethical vegan protein supplement

“The market is huge, a multi-billion pound global industry, so I wanted to come up with an alternative, something better, but ethical to help eliminate the demand for animal products.

“I wanted to make a difference. The business will be non-profit and the money will go to animal sanctuaries and campaigns.

“I went vegan for ethical reasons about five years ago. I oppose the cruelty of the meat and dairy industries. People are appalled at the dog-eating festivals held in China and wouldn’t dream not to eat their pets, but they will still eat pork, although pigs are as intelligent an animal as a dog. Farm animals are sentient creatures that experience fear and pain in the face. slaughterhouse.

Karl, from Bulkhead Drive, has lectured on veganism, mentored those who have just gone vegan and led an intensive campaign against animal exploitation. The PETA charity, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, held a contest to recognize activists’ work last year, and Karl won the title of Most Beautiful Over 50 for her efforts.

Former martial arts enthusiast said proceeds from sales would go to animal sanctuaries

“Veganism has increased 700% over the past five years. And as veganism grows exponentially, there is increasing pressure for animal shelters to provide homes for former farm animals that have allegedly been slaughtered.

“The protein supplement will only be the first of our products, for example, we will also have an endurance product.”

He said the protein was purely vegetable – using bio-fermented yellow split peas, cold-pressed hemp and pumpkin seeds, which are high in the amino acid lysine hard to find in non-animal foods. Other ingredients in the shakes are Himalayan sea salt to add electrolytes and turmeric as an anti-inflammatory agent.

He added, “I didn’t want to compromise on quality or taste. Some protein supplements don’t taste good, but we’ve worked on it a lot. If it doesn’t taste good, people won’t buy it.

Having perfected his formula, packaging and sourcing makers, he’s now raising funds through crowdfunding site Kickstarter to put Phyton into production with a goal of £ 50,000.

The name comes from phyto-nutrition meaning plant-based nutrition and Karl said all packaging will be recyclable or biodegradable and the inks used will also be vegan.

And Karl enlisted the help of his son, Manchester-based director Luke Logan to help promote the product with a video.

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