Firefox 100 now available for download, enables GTK overlay scrollbars on Linux


Yes, Firefox 100 is finally here, and it looks like it was approved for release by Mozilla on May 3, 2022, but you can download it now from the official channels if you’re looking forward to enjoying the new features and improvements.

Firefox 100 has got some cool new features since its version 100 and all that. For Linux users, it enables GTK overlay scrollbars by default, which means you’ll now see sleek, thin scrollbars on web pages when scrolling instead of those old, chunky scrollbars, which will always appear on mouseover.

Another neat thing about the new GTK overlay scrollbars is that they will automatically disappear after a few seconds if no scrolling is detected, making it easier to read on some websites.

GTK overlay scrollbars were enabled in the previous version, Firefox 99, but not enabled by default. Mozilla has added a new option in Settings > General called “Always show scrollbars”, which allows you to enable or disable GTK overlay scrollbars.

Another cool new feature in Firefox 100 is a new “Website Appearance” subsection under the Language & Appearance section in Settings > General, which lets you choose a preferred color scheme for websites that suits color schemes. You can choose from four options: Firefox Theme, System Theme, Light or Dark.

Some of the improvements implemented in Firefox 100 include support for captions or subtitles on YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix videos for Picture-in-Picture (PiP) functionality, as well as support for loads video subtitles on websites that use WebVTT. (web video text track).

Additionally, the web browser now offers support for multiple language dictionaries in the built-in spell checker, auto-fill and UK credit card capture support, as well as bug fixes and the usual security patches to secure your Internet browsing sessions. and reliable.

As mentioned earlier, Mozilla plans to officially announce the release of Firefox 100 on May 3, 2022, but if you want to download it now, you can do so by visiting the official download server.

If you installed Firefox from other places, such as your distro’s repositories, wait until it gets there to update, which should happen later this week. More details on the Firefox 100 release should be revealed tomorrow, so expect an update to the article with the full changes.

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