CapRelo Survey Reveals Remote Work Forces Employers to Adapt Relocation Processes and Policies


STERLING, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As COVID-19 continues to shape and strain the workforce and employers, most organizations expect employees to return to the office, but remote work continue in various forms and update resettlement processes and policies accordingly. However, fewer of them score high in the areas of flexibility and fairness, according to a new survey of HR professionals by CapRelo, a global employee relocation and assignment management company serving private and public sector clients, in partnership with the HR.Research Institute.

“The pandemic has created fundamental changes for many companies when it comes to employees. Companies large and small are trying to respond to these market changes, including finding and placing talent where they need it. Creating effective mobility policies and processes, even during a global pandemic, is critical, and our survey provides insight into how companies are adapting,” said Barry Morris, CEO of CapRelo.

The pandemic has contributed to large numbers of employees leaving the office to support social distancing. Some have taken the opportunity to move to new places, either a vacation spot or areas where the housing market is expensive. With rising vaccination rates and increased air travel, companies are once again trying to adapt. Amid these and other changes, CapRelo commissioned a survey to investigate a range of employee relocation topics, including:

  • The State of Global Employee Mobility Today

  • Mobility trends

  • Drivers of mobility and relocation policies

  • The future of global mobility policies

  • How organizations that are mobility leaders differ from those that are new to mobility

Conducted over a four-month period, the “Creating a More Flexible Employee Mobility Experience” survey was based on 188 responses primarily from U.S. human resources professionals representing a wide range of employers by size and industry.

A key finding is that more than half (52%) of professionals surveyed gave their organization high marks for employee satisfaction with the quality of relocation policies and processes. Fewer of them gave high marks in the areas of flexible working arrangements (46%) or fair mobility policies (48%). However, a third noted that their companies have updated relocation initiatives to facilitate greater diversity, equity and inclusion through greater flexibility. Overall, nearly two-thirds (62%) agree or strongly agree that their organization has a comprehensive talent mobility/relocation policy.

Most respondents believed that remote working arrangements would continue to some extent post-pandemic. In fact, only 17% say they will require all employees to be back on site after the pandemic is over. More than half of respondents say they will only offer full-time or part-time remote work to certain employees. A quarter say they will offer these options to all employees. Additionally, about 25% of small businesses say they expect all employees to be back on site as the pandemic subsides, compared to 13% of large businesses.

Morris added: “The change in how and where employees work means more businesses need to understand the tax implications, equity issues, local laws and COVID rules to protect their businesses as well as to retain and attract the best talent.”

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About CapRelo

CapRelo is a global mobility management company that provides best-in-class relocation and assignment services on a global platform, managing 10,000 assignments per year. Launched in 1997, the company has over 24 years of experience as a move management company and has service points in the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific. The company has always been recognized for its excellence, most recently as Best Quality of Service for the second consecutive year in HRO Today Dozen Baker Awards 2021.


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