Bigg Boss Grand Finale Non-Stop LIVE UPDATES: Bindu Madhavi raises the winner’s trophy aloft


After 90 days of action packed Bigg Boss Non-Stop has come to an end. Bindu Madhavi emerged as the winner of the OTT version of Bigg Boss Telugu hosted by Nagarjuna Akkineni. Akhil Sarthak, on the other hand, emerged as the first runner-up. Aside from the trophy, Bindu took home prize money of Rs 40 lakh. Discussing her win, Bindu said she dedicates the award to late bloomers who never give up on their dreams.

Bindu Madhavi used to take part in Bigg Boss Tamil hosted by legendary actor Kamal Haasan. She entered Telugu reality show as a challenger. In the first few weeks, when Bindu was asked which industry she likes more, she said that Tamil and Telugu industries are like her two eyes; she couldn’t choose one. Bindu had an interesting journey on the show. While some found her docile, it was only on the tasks that she outshone her competitors and gained popularity among the masses. Bindu had a wonderful friendship with Shiva and Anil during her time on the show. She shared a Tom and Jerry-like relationship with Akhil.

Shiva, who previously competed in Bigg Boss 4, became the second runner-up of his season. He entered the show to win it over for his father. During the show, he spoke about how his father survived a stroke from which he is recovering. On the show, Akhil emerged as one of the strongest contestants. He is the only contestant to have been Bigg Boss captain twice.

Akhil thanked the audience for all their support and said he learned a lot during his journey with Bigg Boss Non-Stop.


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