Best Lightweight Open Source Web Browsers for Linux of May 2022


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About the Best Lightweight Open Source Web Browsers for Linux

A web browser is not the same as a search engine, although they are often confused. A search engine is a website that provides links to other websites. However, to connect to a website’s server and view its web pages, the user must have a web browser installed. Modern web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox offer many features, but consume a lot of resources. It’s not a problem if someone has a powerful PC with more than 8 GB of RAM, but if your system doesn’t have that many resources to spare, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. .

Open source web browsers have come a long way since the introduction of Firefox, Chrome, and Chromium. Today’s web browsers are advanced to handle graphics, videos, applications and more. However, this forces web browsers to consume a lot of hardware resources such as RAM and storage space. On the other hand, major browsers like Firefox and Chromium work quite well on systems with modern hardware resources. There are many open source lightweight web browsers for Linux that you can use.

Here is the list of the best lightweight open source web browsers for Linux

Pale Moon Navigator

This browser requires at least 300 MB of disk space and requires 256 MB of RAM, but recommends at least 1 GB of RAM. That might seem like a lot of memory and storage, but the installer app is usually much smaller than the installed app, and the browser will probably never use that much RAM.

Pale Moon is compatible with the current generation of processors. Its open-source Goanna design and rendering engine optimizes graphics and color gradients seamlessly. As a result, you get fast page load and script rendering times.


It’s an open-source browser that offers a decent selection of features. Midori also includes a few extras like font/display settings and privacy. Previously, we used encrypted DuckDuckGo as our default search engine to protect the privacy of your information. however, Midori recently switched to unencrypted Lycos to enable much faster performance.

It follows Opera’s approach to Firefox to provide functionality out of the box: it supports scripting and user styles, smart bookmarks, ad blocking, mouse gestures and speed dialing, among others.

otter browser

It is a cleanly designed web browser that provides a good environment for web browsing and media consumption. Also, it offers a good set of features such as multi-tab interface, bookmark, private tab, plugins support, history, etc.

As a lightweight browser, Otter lets you seamlessly use the internet the way you want with bookmarks, RSS feeds, sticky notes, cookie management, and your personalized download library at the touch of a button. The browser has a nifty content blocking feature that helps you filter safe content for younger users.

surf the internet

Netsurf is a fast and efficient browser that can use as little as 30MB of RAM per tab. Netsurf can run on a variety of devices, including embedded systems. It gives you the best internet browsing speed especially on Linux. It delivers a stable, secure and smooth browsing experience at blazing speeds, which one would expect from a reliable network service.

It uses its own browser engine which is completely written from scratch by its developers. Supports all latest HTML standards. Netsurf requires fewer resources to use. The browser performs exceptionally well when browsing the web.

GNOME website

GNOME Web is another popular lightweight browser for Linux. Her code name is Epiphany. The Gnome web browser offers a clean and beautiful view of the web. It requires fewer resources and handles all tasks quickly.

It offers an articulate user interface that gives you all possible tools for navigation without cluttering the browser window. It is more scalable than its competitors, given its multi-account session maintenance for web applications.

k meleon

K-Meleon is a free and open source lightweight browser software for Windows. This browser is based on the Gecko layout engine which is also used in the Firefox browser. Similar to the Firefox browser, it is also quite fast and responsive. However, its interface is quite dated and lacks some modern browser features like private tab and account synchronization.

This fast and light browser is based on the Gecko layout engine designed by Firefox and requires only 70 MB of disk space for download and 256 MB of RAM recommended. It can run on systems still running XP, this browser was designed to use fewer resources.


It offers a lightweight yet feature-rich alternative to its more well-known competitors. QupZilla is based on WebKit and comes with its own ad blocker and speed dial. It also offers a neat approach to viewing your bookmarks, history, and RSS feeds by unifying them all in one window.

This open source web browser can run on any operating system with a Qt port. QupZilla unifies history, bookmarks and RSS functions in a single window. It also uses icons from the active desktop icon theme. It has all the standard features you would expect from a reliable browser.


It offers most of the conveniences you’d expect from a modern browser, like tabs, pop-up blocking, ad filtering, bookmark management, and mouse-free browsing. These are only part of its functionality, although with KDE’s KIO plugins it is possible to use it for FTP, SAMBA and IMAP browsing, or even as an ISO image viewer.

Any application compatible with KParts can be used in Konqueror. Combine this capability with the ability to split the window into panes and your desktop truly turns into clay, a work of art of digital organization and productivity to dazzle the masses.

Final Words: The Best Lightweight Open Source Web Browsers for Linux

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