Best Android spy apps that work remotely without rooting


The moment teens get a personal cell phone for the first time, it feels like their whole life has changed in an instant. Now all they want to do is create an account on every possible social media platform, meet new people online, play games, try new apps, and surf the internet all day.

On your side, you carry a mixture of feelings. On the one hand, you’re happy to see their smiley faces using their new Android smartphone, but on the other hand, you’re wondering if it was the right decision to give them a cell phone or not.

We don’t think it was a bad decision at all. But handing over a new smartphone puts a lot of responsibility on you when it comes to proper cell phone use.

You have to let them savor their new gadget and make sure it is used the way you expect them to. Good spy apps for android which run without root and remotely are your best call. Once one of these spy apps is installed, you can monitor everything without physically accessing the target phone.

Best Rootless Android Spy Apps That Work Remotely

1. KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro has taken Android surveillance to a saturation point. By using KidGuard Pro, you will feel like a spy app can never get better than this one.

Advanced features, fast data update, full data, everything about KidsGuard Pro is perfect.

KidsGuard Pro gives you access to all the basic features like calls, SMS, keylogger, location, photos, videos, etc. But the list of advanced features is also long. Using the Keylogger you can discover passwords your child’s social media accounts if necessary.

Other features include listening to recorded calls, capturing screenshots, and taking discreet photos.

KidsGuard Pro also makes it possible to track social media apps. And you will be amazed how this is done with both screenshots and texts.

So even if you miss something in the screenshot, you can check this message as text.


If getting the updates as quickly as possible is your first priority, then uMobix should be your choice. This app gives results within seconds making it one of the most trusted Android spy apps.

All data relating to calls, messages, contacts, location, keystrokes are available for verification on the uMobix online portal.

Without social media tracking, no spy app can claim to offer full monitoring of Android phones. Fortunately, uMobix is ​​not one of those mediocre apps.

uMobix gives full results from all famous social media platforms as screenshots. The quality of the screenshots received is remarkable and they are large enough to read everything at first glance.

The USP of uMobix is ​​that it can tell when a particular social media or instant messaging app is currently in use.

While the target person is using a particular app, you may see an inline tag appear next to that app’s name. So whenever you see the beacon online, you can start monitoring their activities at the moment.

3. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is one of the oldest and most successful spy apps on the market that can easily monitor Android phones.

The list of features offered by FlexiSPY is endless. From the basic features like calls, contacts, audio files, wallpapers and locations, you get one of the more advanced features like call recording, ambient listening , remote video, etc. More importantly, all of these features are available without rooting the target phone.

FlexiSPY’s data update speed is better than most spy apps and the comprehensive data tracking makes it quite reliable.

Application features such as Keylogger, ambient sound recording, geofencing, remote access to the camera is its strong point. But the area that FlexiSPY lacks is social media tracking.

flexispy keylogger

When it comes to instant messaging and social media apps, FlexiSPY only gives results from WhatsApp and LINE. Apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Skype, Kik, etc. cannot be tracked without rooting the target phone.


There are countless spy apps that you are going to find online, but only a few of them can perform as you would expect from a spy app. Some of them may even collect your data and use it illegally.

This is the reason why randomly choosing a spy app is not a good idea. But all the apps we mentioned in our article are personally tested by us.

So if you like any of these apps then you can go for it without hesitation.


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