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Recently, one of the elements that we have heard the most on behalf of banking has been No Interest credit cards . No Interest credit cards ; It is a type of credit card used by participation banks in our country and capable of making purchases or using cash. This type attracts the attention of its users as it has an No Interest feature unlike the credit card features of other banks. At this point, the number of banks issuing No Interest credit cards began to increase much more in 2019. The fact that both state and private banks have provided these cards to their users has indeed led to a different assessment of cash consumption. What are the No Interest credit card banks ? Which banks can get credit cards without interest?


Are There Banks That Provide No Interest Credit Cards?

Are There Banks That Provide Interest-Free Credit Cards?

Bank customers who want to use credit cards but complain about high interest rates or do not want to use products with interest, want to benefit from No Interest credit card systems, which is one of the participation banks’ services. Since it is usually one of the products offered by participation banks, it will not be possible to use No Interest credit cards in normal banks. There are also some points you should be aware of about No Interest credit cards .

Some of the inexpensive cards in the market do not mean that these cards are No Interest credit cards. For No Interest cards , monthly payments or installments can be applied without any interest. Cost-free cards can be described as cards that do not charge transaction fees and do not receive credit card fees. Therefore, before paying No Interest card, you should pay attention to the content of the credit card in detail.


Interest Free Credit Card Banks 2019

Interest Free Credit Card Banks 2019

Banks that provide No Interest credit cards are participation banks only. In addition to participation banks, banks that provide free credit cards are shown as banks that do not charge card fees and do not apply annual card fees. No Interest credit cards.

banks. You can apply for credit cards by choosing these banks and you do not have to pay any card fees. In order to get more information about these banks, you can check the table below and choose the type of credit card that suits you best.


Cash Withdrawal on No Interest Cards

Cash Withdrawal on Interest-free Cards

As with all credit cards, No Interest credit cards are also available for cash withdrawals. You can withdraw a certain amount of cash over your monthly expenses. These rates are generally 10 % and 20% . In line with these limits, we would like you to know that you can easily make cash withdrawals on your No Interest credit cards . Other than that, you can easily buy any product you want on credit cards. Thanks to No Interest credit cards that are equivalent to a normal credit card , you will have the chance to create your shopping arrangements without any problems.  

The cash advance method on No Interest credit card may vary from bank to bank. For this, you can get help from the table above before you choose your credit card and learn all the features of your card.


What happens if credit card debt is delayed?

What happens if credit card debt is delayed?

In case of No Interest credit card debts above its name, all of the debts must be paid when the monthly statement is received. There is no minimum payment amount on these cards. When the debt is paid in full, if there is an outstanding debt, its delay penalty is reflected on your card. You can also get detailed information about this by contacting your banks . This is because many bank administrations prefer to proceed through the systems they have developed in such an application. This may result in different forms of payment. However, it will be possible to generalize that there is no minimum payment amount on No Interest credit cards . As with any credit card, you should not pay your debts on No Interest cards.  


No Interest Credit Card Points Gain and Usage

Credit Card

banks are. However, not all banks allow the use of cash advances and points. For this reason, you cannot make cash withdrawals from some bank cards and some bank cards. However, in general, we can say that all credit cards earn points and then these points are spent at member workplaces.

Finally, we would like to state that, as with any credit card , you should proceed with your awareness of responsibility in the use of such a card. You should always keep this first. Because in No Interest credit cards, bank administrations, as in other formations, put in place a strict monitoring process. Therefore, paying your credit card debts on a day-to-day basis will always keep your credit score high. For this reason, we recommend that you act responsibly and guide your steps in that way. In this way, you will have the chance to benefit from the benefits of an No Interest credit card much faster.

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